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Aims and objectives
Daily Khabardar Quetta is one of the few newspapers in Pakistan which is providing news to the people of Pakistan through print and electronic media.
The daily Khabardar, which has been published in Quetta for the last 23 years, is now providing users with the latest and most up-to-date information, news, and opinions from various fields through, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.
Especially those areas of Balochistan which are completely neglected in the national media
Therefore, this newspaper is playing a positive role in bringing the political, economic, social, and cultural news related to Balochistan and keeping the people of the country informed about the situation here.
Covering half of the country by area, the province lags far behind other provinces in 10 social indicators, including education, health, sanitation, and clean drinking water.
The newspaper has given top priority to education, health, and climate change in its reporting.
Despite declaring education free and compulsory, more than one million children in Balochistan are still out of school.
The province has also been the victim of various natural calamities including earthquakes, floods, droughts, etc.
These are the main reasons on which the daily Khabardar Quetta has focused its attention
In order to increase the pressure on policymakers for basic human rights and protection.

Ayub Tarin
Chief Editor
Daily Khabardar Quetta